Technology Bundles for Healthcare

Rethink Healthcare Fundamentals to Improve Outcomes

Digital transformation in healthcare is driving improved outcomes and enhanced delivery of care. However, challenges around security, interoperability, compliance and infrastructure management present persistent and costly hurdles for healthcare organizations endeavoring to comply with HIPAA, securely exchange patient information during care transitions and maintaining and securing IT systems. With the constant changes within the healthcare landscape and many variables at play, partnering with a single company that offers unique solutions to these ever-present obstacles, is the first step toward a more robust and secure digital healthcare experience. Find out more about the bundled solutions that are right for your next step in that journey.

Your path to interoperability starts here.

The efficient and secure capture, storage and exchange of protected health information (PHI) is a continual challenge, and can lead to lost productivity, costly rework and potentially even HIPAA violations. The Healthcare-Enabled MFP (multifunction printer) offers Direct Secure messaging for a more efficient and HIPAA-compliant means of exchange; further, it provides scan integrations to a number EHRs via our Kno2 APIs, as well as HIPAA-Compliant Cloud for those instances when Direct messaging isn’t available with specific referral partners. The Konica Minolta Healthcare-Enabled MFP reduces time spent on administrative processes, while enhancing the process of sharing PHI across the care continuum.

Secure print management solutions from Konica Minolta.

Excessive printing and complex print processes with little to no security measures can lead to extensive operational costs and potential exposure to HIPAA violations. For a more controlled print environment that minimizes the risk of printed PHI breaches, as well as reduces IT complexity, hospitals and other healthcare organizations now have a cost-effective option. The Acute Care Print Management bundle offers an end-to-end, fully managed and monitored secure print solution with cloud fax and options for load balancing. And for hospitals using Epic EHR, Paragon provides tight print integration, and is listed on the Epic App Orchard as an approved print management solution.

Additional Healthcare Resources for You

Navigating the changing healthcare landscape effectively is critical for the continuity of your organization and its delivery of care. We have a wide range of healthcare solutions and services that can be customized and tailored for your needs – beyond these bundled solutions. Gain additional insights through these key resources and connect with us. Let’s rethink healthcare together and take the necessary steps together for a brighter, resilient future.