Acute Care Solutions & Services


You can handle emergencies with your patients, but what about the emergencies with your healthcare business? Where's the medicine kit for those? Konica Minolta can respond with acute-care solutions and services that silence the sirens so you can return to handling your patients with the same high level of care that we'll give to you. Epic EHR Secure Print Connector

Hospitals and other acute-care providers must contend with a continual barrage of issues on a daily basis from technological changes to regulatory requirements. It takes plenty of assistance in many forms to help address these issues.

Konica Minolta's healthcare portfolio is one such way. It's a complete healthcare solution that combines industry leading hardware, software and IT services that help facilities like yours reduce patient costs and maximize operational efficiencies and patient security. Not only does this save you time and ensure that you're compliant with regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, it also allows physicians to provide the best quality of healthcare possible to patients.

Additionally, let us help reduce your reliance on fax with RightFax Healthcare Direct. This solution enables secure, standards-based exchange of protected health information (PHI) by offering the flexibility to send clinical documents using either Direct messaging or fax with no change to the user experience.

Our customers benefit from a broad range of solutions from Direct messaging-enabled MFPs and workflow optimizing document management/scanning applications to EHR-integrated print management solutions, and much more. Our Dispatcher Paragon suite includes Epic EHR print integration, and is an approved secure print release app on the Epic App Orchard.

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