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There comes a time when you realize that your office has too many file cabinets, you spend too much on off-site storage and you are using too much paper in your business processes. By scanning and converting your documents – you open the door to digitally transform your operation and enable better content management. Konica Minolta's digital scanning services can help your business increase efficiency, save space, and secure your documents.

Eliminating paper can be a big step especially if you need to convert all your backfiles and declutter your office space.  Outsourcing to experienced industry experts enables you to manage the project with precision without large capital investments in expensive scanners, software and other equipment.  You also benefit from a trusted advisor to execute the conversion to meet your needs.

Scanning – saves you space and keeps your documents more secure, especially from natural disasters.

Conversion – enables you to do more with your documents via capturing data and indexing the fields to make them searchable. 

Control Access – as digital content, you can store in a centralized locations where you can control the access to your documents and protect them from unauthorized employees or users.

Content Management – a static scan eliminates the paper and capture enables search, but if you want to extract content and develop automated workflows–then you can take the next step to digital transformation by using the data to revamp your business processes from manual to automated.

In addition, we can handle paper document conversion (all size ranges), microfilm/microfische/aperture cards, VHS and various tape conversion, maps and oversize document conversion, photographs and slide conversion, bound book conversion and litigation support.

In the end, you reduce your current paper footprint and can more environmentally active by using digital assets for your business. And, you are smarter, because you have taken steps to preserve the data for the long-term.

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