Education Content Management With Konica Minolta’s ECM Solutions

Konica Minolta’s education ECM can guide you to a sustainable solution that can manage records and email correspondences, safeguard student confidentiality, facilitate collaborative course and curriculum creation and improve department-wide productivity while stretching every last penny out of your ever-changing budget.

From kindergarten to college, parent and student services are your number one priority. Making someone wait for you to access confidential information would be simply unacceptable. Most student files contain volumes of pages each growing as a student progresses through the school system. These files require routine review by teachers, professors and administrators and when entirely on paper, these processes are cumbersome. However, Konica Minolta’s powerful education content management solutions can support your school system's paper-intensive processes, for expedited entering, managing and retrieval of information.

Our ECM solution can integrate seamlessly – and securely – with your existing SIS, ERP, asset management and human resource departments, helping to eliminate time-intensive manual processes. With automated workflows, digital document management and storage, ECM can provide real-time, online document access and improve processes throughout the entire school system including registration, human resources, student advisement, committee and board of education collaboration, financial aid, donor management and accounts payable.

Whether your school is public or private, consider this solution to manage your educational office functions that overtax administrative personnel and slow your institution’s decision-making potential.

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The benefits of ECM for Education Industry

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