Intelligent Information Management


In an increasingly digital world, you have a tremendous opportunity to transform your operations. Many business owners struggle to organize a massive amount of documents while handling all the various tasks necessary for growing and sustaining a business. Through digitization, automation, machine-learning and business rules for access and accountability, your modernization efforts will provide more time for your team to think through the most important tasks. Read on for more about how our industry experts can support your business with our enterprise content management (ECM) services.

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With the continued innovations in technology around content, processes, storage, and the data that your business relies on, we have the ability to transform your organization. No matter where you may be on your Digital Transformation journey, the Konica Minolta Content Services practice is here to meet you where you are.

You may be wondering where to start, where to go next, or how to bring your digital transformation strategy all together. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific industry’s needs to build a plan that fits your goals. At Konica Minolta, we know efficiency and productivity are essential for a successful business and can be difficult to achieve without reliable ECM, RPA, Intelligent Capture, and Process Mapping solutions. Fortunately, when you choose our IIM solutions, you can overcome these common business problems and enjoy several benefits to your organization.

ECM, also known as enterprise content management, can help your business become its digital best. This means minimizing paper or eliminating it altogether, including office supplies, printing, storage fees, and storage space. Additionally, ECM can minimize all the processes that require paper, such as approvals, routing, sorting, sharing, shipping, filing, retrieving, and more. And best of all, your digital content will have centralized online access, allowing your professionals to stay connected no matter where work takes them.


The hallmark of the Konica Minolta Content Services practice is that we meet you where you are on your digital transformation journey, whether you are an SMB or Large enterprise. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific industry’s needs and build a plan that fits your goals.


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