For over 20 years, the Konica Minolta Intelligent Information Management team has helped organizations overcome their toughest challenges around content, documents, and business processes. As the volumes and types of information increase in today’s world, we understand that access to information is critical. Our team strives to understand your challenges and provide insight on how to best overcome those challenges that are limiting your potential. From the simple to the complex, Konica Minolta has the expertise and solutions to address your needs and advance you on your Digital Transformation journey.


Regardless of the size or location of your organization, Konica Minolta has the teams in place and the experience to understand your unique business challenges. With passionate employees and offices around the United States, we provide our clients with co-authored solutions to cover all aspects of their business.

Our proven process, The Konica Minolta Experience, ensures we take this journey together. This process is tailored to the size of your business and enables information sharing, insights, and co-authoring of your roadmap in accordance with your priorities. Our team of pre-sales engineers and sales consultants first listen before they assess your challenges. We will work with you to create the solution that best fits your organizational goals. This process allows us to guarantee your satisfaction - 100%.

On your journey with Konica Minolta you will have the full support of our team - including account managers, customer success managers and professional services professionals to lead you to deployment success.


With the right intelligent information management, your business can increase productivity, automate processes and encourage your teams to work better together. Today, an organization's work is often done outside of the traditional office setting. Therefore, safe and efficient online work capabilities are crucial. Choose IIM to enjoy the following benefits for your business:


In a business, you're constantly creating documents, spreadsheets, emails, presentations and other materials. As more people and businesses around the world work collaboratively, sharing accurate information has become more critical than ever. Much of your business's content exists in email, disorganized files or on your hard drive — and as your content grows, so does the number of resources you need to dedicate to managing it.

Here's where ECM comes in. Our Intelligent Information Management system starts with document capture, including accounts payable, human resources and contracts to centralize storage and access. This factor minimizes the money and time previously spent preparing and managing paper.


To determine whether it's the right solution for your business, you should know how IIM works. With an ECM solution, everyone in your organization will have easy access to the information needed to complete projects, perform work duties with maximum efficiency and make decisions.

Simplified search and digital entry functions are provided with ECM, which can streamline the process of storing and retrieving documents. When you centralize your organization's content management, you can get back more of your precious time and add value to your company. Once you implement these features into your business, you'll wonder how your business ever managed to operate before.


IIM can do more than reduce your company's paper and streamline your filing process. Now, Intelligent Information Management and our ECM solutions can also improve your business decisions.

With IIM, your business can easily produce system analysis and performance reports for real-time updates of your needs, allowing for more control and decision-making power. You can use this crucial information to improve your business's results and customer experience. IIM allows you to use your data on the real-time status of transactions and results to attend to your customers' needs quickly and effectively.