Predecessor Wide Format

The EFI H1265 LED UV Wide Format Printer can grow your business by making wide format full-color printing more flexible, simple and versatile in applications — ideal for satisfying current and prospective customers with fast-turn delivery, near-photographic image quality and a broad range of substrates and output settings.

With fast output, superior image quality and simple operation, the HP T920 is the compact, versatile wide-format print solution you’ve been waiting for. Front roll loading and touchscreen status control let you control jobs more easily — and compact design with integrated output stacking tray saves workspace in busy offices, design studios or field locations. Visit HP DesignJet T-Series page.

The compact HP T1500 combines high-quality output, simple control and integrated output stacking tray for flat. collated prints that can be checked more quickly. Two paper rolls can be easily loaded from the front — and computer touchscreen control lets you view printer status and track jobs during printing. Visit HP DesignJet T-Series page.

The HP Designjet T2500 is a total solution for wide-format printing, copying and scanning of full-color graphics, schematics, diagrams, maps and artwork — with fast output, superb image quality and  integrated stacking tray, two-roll loading for media versatility, and direct input from websites, Apple or Android devices, even USB connector. Visit HP DesignJet T-Series page.

For high-volume productivity in wide-format applications, the HP T3500 sets a new standard in multifunction performance. Zero warm-up time and ultra-fast processing combine with workhorse unattended printing from two 650-ft. rolls — and built-in print/copy/scan capabilities include batch scanning, scan-to-email and more. Visit HP DesignJet T-Series page.

For wide-format color production in a cost-effective printer with superb image quality and powerful features, the HP Designjet T7200 is in a class by itself. Innovative HP SmartStream technology boosts your output speed and provides Crystal Preview to show how technical documents will be printed — and 3-roll capacity provides longer unattended printing. Visit HP DesignJet T-Series page.

HP’s most advanced photo printer, the Designjet Z3200 delivers gallery-quality prints with vivid color and B&W reproduction, superior uniformity on glossy photo papers and expanded color gamut for sharp, natural images. Fast output and consistent print-to-print color to help you produce more prints in less time — making it easy to achieve brilliant, accurate results. Visit HP DesignJet Z-Series page.

For high-speed, high-volume photo printing in vivid color and rich B&W, the HP Designjet Z6200 wide-format printer is a powerful productivity solution for display signage, banners, backlit signs and durable photo prints. The Z6200’s aAdvanced technology features give you fast output, streamlined workflow, PANTONE color emulation, custom ICC profiling and wide-ranging color gamut coverage. Visit HP DesignJet Z-Series page.

For 60-inch wide-format printing in superior color and high-resolution B&W, the Designjet Z6600 combines fast output speed, reduced processing time and high-capacity media rolls and ink cartridges for longer unattended operation. Its 6-ink print system features optimized configuration for printing up to 30% faster from preferred applications or 3rd-party RIPs. Visit HP DesignJet Z-Series page.

The Designjet Z6800 can produce 60-inch wide-format color photos, posters, display signage and technical drawings at high output speed without sacrificing image quality. The Z6800’s Fast file processing cuts turnaround time — and long media rolls, built-in take-up reel and high-capacity HP ink cartridges allow longer unattended operation for higher productivity. Visit HP DesignJet Z-Series page.

The HP PageWide XL 4000 MFP wide format printer does the work of two printers with one — faster and lower cost than LED at 8 Ds/minute.

The HP PageWide XL 4500 MFP wide format printer does the work of two printers with one — faster and lower cost than LED at 12 Ds/minute.

The HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP wide format printer is a powerful and efficient monochrome printer with color production allowing up to 30% savings in total production costs.

Impact and grow your business with the HP PageWide XL 5100 MFP from Konica Minolta. Your mixed monochrome and color production costs can now decrease by up to 30% by offering increased speeds, better efficiency, and high print quality.

The HP PageWide XL 6000 MFP from Konica Minolta can help generate new business to help increase the value of color, print GIS maps, point-of-sale posters and technical job applications. With increased print speed and print quality, your profits will positively impact your bottom-line.

The HP PageWide XL 8000 wide format printer is the fastest wide format monochrome and color printer ever, with up to 30 Ds/minute allowing up to 50% savings in total production costs.