K-12 Education Solutions


Increasing paperwork and other demands have put greater strain on productivity and cost efficiency in all school districts. With K-12 education solutions, teachers and administrators can collaborate easily during key decision-making points. Successfully addressing these challenges is just a matter of doing some homework. K-12 PaceSetter Award

To handle growing workloads and allow educators to spend more time educating, automating workflows can help improve security and simplify document processing for educators and administrators. With our School Security Solutions, educational facilities have access to advance systems for visitor management, data security, sophisticated surveillance, and more.

Additionally, with our document management solutions, you can scan and distribute documents to network and local folders, e-mail, FTP servers, Intelligent Information Management solutions and cloud storage services. With the touch of a button, you can scan and convert paper-based documents to searchable text and editable formats. Files will open automatically, and you can easily automate, annotate, highlight, watermark, and perform other essential document processes on shared files. This can safeguard and secure students' records and permanently remove sensitive information from files. Administrators and Educators can also improve their productivity with downloadable apps from our bizhub Marketplace. You can create MFP user interfaces (UIs) to customize the device for your campus' needs, streamline your workflow with productivity apps and manage devices from one central location.

Students can benefit as well from the scanning, routing and print management features that will help keep them organized and engaged in their education. They can also benefit from our digital classrooms, which offer interactive white boards, panel tables, and Dremel 3D printers. We offer a state of the art 3D-printing curriculum that includes the latest in innovative technology. Combined, your students will find education exciting and safe.

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