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There are online support groups for just about every business, activity, culture, etc., that you can imagine. Now there’s one for the production print business like yours, led by professionals who are ready to provide you with solutions to help your business reach that next level. Konica Minolta's PROKOM user community is a support group of individuals like yourself, passionate about the print industry, its people and its future. Join The Community

PROKOM is a game-changer for all Konica Minolta graphic professionals who know a good investment when they see one. Membership to this valuable print production support group addresses three criteria: Professional, Productive and Profitable. It’s what your business needs and can be attained with the right support mechanisms that PROKOM offers, provided by Konica Minolta and industry experts.

Do you need blueprints for operational improvement? How about sales and growth strategies? PROKOM’s hands-on approach involves continuous development, regular feedback and knowledge sharing. This information is available in two membership levels: Blue (free) and Elite. Each offers various levels of access to a wide array of useful production print content, along with other perks like invitations to annual conferences and select webinars and seminars.

Join PROKOM and experience a comfortable, educational community of peers who want you to reach the levels of success you’ve always wanted – and have the knowledge to actually help you accomplish that.

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