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Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, and the next decade will bring historical change to the way we live and work. At Konica Minolta, our purpose is to anticipate the challenges ahead – and create solutions that will be readily at hand for you when you need them. Our vision is a world where everything is connected – with solutions, services and offerings built specifically around how you and your business works. Together, we can transform your workplace experience and drive dynamic business change.

Expertise in Your Industry

There is no substitute for an expert who knows an industry inside out. Konica Minolta has dedicated teams ready to help you address the complex changing world of work. Our Digital Transformation consultants are well versed in the nuances and regulations of each market segment, and stand ready to contribute toward successfully accelerating transformation for your entire value chain.  Let us help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Redefining the Digital Workplace

For 150 years, Konica Minolta has driven innovation with a passion for making a positive impact on society. Ever since our humble beginnings in 1873, we have been dedicated to seeing things in a new light, and pushing forward with groundbreaking technologies. Now, Konica Minolta is proud to partner with clients and empower them to turn their ideas into reality. Through our Intelligent Connected Workplace portfolio, you can experience a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to support digital transformation, including IT services, information management, video security, and much more.

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What’s New in Production Print?

The AccurioLabel 400 is Konica Minolta’s newest dry-toner digital label press allowing customers to expand their businesses in the growing markets of digital label production and packaging. The AccurioLabel 400 incorporates all of Konica Minolta’s technology, including the Intelligent Quality Optimizer (IQ-520) color management functionality for real-time color stability and registration control. The new press features a fifth station for white toner to expand creative label applications, plus resolution equivalent to 3,600 x 2,400 DPI and many automated control features for highly productive label output.

Important new developments include extended job opportunities with press runs up to 3000m, improved productivity with super fast print speeds of up to 130 feet per minute, and further running cost reductions thanks to even more durable parts life, as well as enhanced print quality. The AccurioLabel 400 is available in 4- and 5-color options.

Managed IT Services

Digital transformation not only drives business change, but expands the need for every modern business to be technology-driven. Consumers expect information at their fingertips, and that limitless access creates heightened expectations for businesses. In an intelligent connected world, everything should be better, faster and easier to use.

The IT Services division of Konica Minolta, helps businesses meet these expectations and acclimate to the modern workplace. We can support you with your computing, networking, and application needs regardless of your type of business. Let us simplify your IT.

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Improve efficiency by changing the way you manage and budget print. One Rate Platinum offers predictable costs each month.
Improve efficiency by changing the way you manage and budget print. One Rate Platinum offers predictable costs each month.
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Stay within budget with our special financing options. Special financing on select office print devices are available now for a limited time. Terms and conditions will apply
Stay within budget with our special financing options. Special financing on select office print devices are available now for a limited time. Terms and conditions…
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