Rethink the future of work - returning to work today and planning for tomorrow
Rethink The Future of Work - Returning to work today and planning for tomorrow
Post pandemic planning. A virtual event series focused on rethinking the future of work.
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Google Cloud Partnership. Konica Minolta and google cloud logos. Solutions to modernize operations for today
Rethink Print post-covid. Virtual planning series hosted by Konica Minolta.

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Statement on COVID-19

Konica Minolta is dedicated to servicing our customers during this dynamic business environment caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. We have a special responsibility to support critical infrastructure industries and ensure they continue operations. Businesses are becoming increasingly more dependent on remote work and [...]


Introducing the Post Pandemic Planning – Adapting to the Next Normal virtual events series – Live or On-Demand

Our innovative virtual events series now focuses on adapting to a world post COVID-19 - rethinking the future of work and creating a new normal. Tune in weekly as we present new topics of interest.

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Rethink Print Post-Covid

Virtual Planning Series

Our team of print professionals will give you an overview of new print applications for business growth and best practices to sharpen your skills.

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Work is not where you are. Work is what you get done.

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The i-Series houses a powerful engine, a quad-core central processing unit with standard 8 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD, which allows for quick-response, high-performance operations [...]

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Konica Minolta Announces Post-pandemic Solution to Support Compliance and Safe Return to Work

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